with Suzanne "The Rockstar Advocate" Paulinski
Nothing is more frustrating & heartbreaking than pouring your blood, sweat, tears, and money into preparing the best music you know how to create only to release it to crickets. Even with a plan in place, it can feel like a never-ending workload to prepare a release, only to be exhausted when release day comes - and the real work begins! 

As a mindset coach for music professionals, Suz helps you gain the confidence & clarity you need to create your own path to a sustainable career in music with customizable tools & systems for you to get it all done without burning out. Throughout her 15 years in the music industry Suz has shared her tips about working smarter, not harder, at conferences like Launch and CD Baby's DIY Musician Conference, as well as her own 2.5 day event - The Music-Preneur Mindset Summit, and through her book, The Rock/Star Life Planner. 

Ariel and Suz combine their knowledge of growing a fanbase and managing overwhelm to get you taking laser-focused action with purpose & clarity in 3 short weeks!
What You'll Get
Cyber PR Labs Action Sheets
  •   3+ hours of LIVE Mastermind Classes
  • Archived class recordings you can access forever
  •  Access to our Private Mastermind Accountability Facebook Group
  •  A complete timeline of everything you need to do to get your release Day right
What You'll Learn...
  •  Get clear around what you want to achieve with your next release (setting goals around a release is what smart artists and labels do)
  •  Identify your timeline and plan all the steps for the release 
  •  Determine all the partners and tasks 
    •  Decide what release format is best for your music: Singles? EP? Crowdfunding a full-length? 
    •  Craft your release around your narrative & brand themes
    •  Hone in on the right with messaging that resonates with them
    •  Create a manageable timeline that speaks to your strengths & current resources
    •  Breakdown microtasks that can be accomplished each day to maintain momentum
    •  Teach your fans how to best support you to make your next release your strongest ever!
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