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  •  3+ hours of LIVE Mastermind Classes
  •  Archived class recordings you can access forever
  •  Access to our Private Mastermind Accountability Facebook Group
  •  Ad and Funnel Templates you copy directly

Steven Sharp Nelson - The Piano Guys

“A stellar marketing team should be in touch with who you are at your core, where your past has brought you, what challenges provide your present opportunities, and how you can hang 10 on the wave of your industry’s future. Meet Michael and 12South Marketing, nothing short of a stellar marketing team!”
Here's the story...
For years, I struggled as a touring musician trying to grow my tribe of listeners online.

I sent emails to my mailing list. I shouted, liked, and added on social media until my fingers hurt, and still, no one seemed to be paying attention. 🤷🏻‍♂️
It wasn’t until, on a whim, I challenged myself to post a new video every week that something started happening… suddenly, with each new piece of content I released, I started to have more knowledge about what worked… where my audience was… what got more or less attention… and my mind was blown. 🤯

It became a game. I started making new content JUST to test things… titles, thumbnails, post times, messaging. I started paying to put them in front of targeted audiences that might care….
….And it started to make a difference.
Now, I want to show you my secrets.

I’m teaming up with Ariel Hyatt of Cyber PR Music to teach a 3 part online masterclass on how to Master your Message, Find Your Audience, and Grow Your Fanbase all through advertising on Facebook and Instagram.
What You'll Get...
Cyber PR Labs Action Sheets
  •  3+ hours of LIVE Mastermind Classes
  •  Archived class recordings you can access forever
  •  Access to our Private Mastermind Accountability Facebook Group
  •  Ad and Funnel Templates you copy directly
What You'll Learn...
  • Learn what content types work and don't work well within Facebook & Instagram
  • Better understand your fan's demographic with Audience Insights
  • Crafting your offer and message with a pitch that delivers value
  •  LIVE Facebook Ad Review
  •  Understanding Facebook Advertising Objectives
  • Using Organic Reach to pay Less for Your Ads
  • Understanding which pieces of your content WORK and which to ignore
  •  LIVE Q&A to directly optimize YOUR Ads
  •  Automate and Scale your Ads with Rules
  • Building Lookalike Audiences for an Infinite Source of New Fans
  •  What the heck is a Conversion?
What people are saying about Cyber PR LABS...

About Michael Shoup

Michael's worked in or around the Music Industry for the last 15 years of his life. Along the way, he's also been paid to open for the Stone Temple Pilots, do digital work for acts like Kelly Clarkson & Lady Antebellum, design gravestones, scout talent for an indie label, and play music in people's living rooms from New York to Seattle.
Somewhere along the way he decided to help other people over the hurdles he encountered throughout his career, and thus was born 12South Music in 2012, Modern Intelligence in 2015, and the rebranded 12South Marketing in 2017.

Currently, Michael spends most of his time talking artists and business owners off a digital summit, and supporting the belief that the words "business plan" and "band" aren't contradictions.
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