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Create an elegant and effective website that will include everything you need.

Ariel Hyatt, 
Founder of Cyber PR
Your website is your home base online and one of the most important foundational assets of your career. At Cyber PR, we believe that artists should have modern, easy-to-use websites that don't cost a fortune. Our mission is not only to build you a website you'll love, but also to empower you to update it yourself so you are never beholden to an expensive web designer ever again.
Is a Website necessary in the age of Social Media?
In a word, yes.

While a huge amount of business and fan growth takes place on social media, if you don’t have an effective website, you’re going to have a hard time being found and noticed by fans and industry (bloggers, managers, A&R reps, etc.) alike.
The Benefits
An Artist Website will help:
  •  Create your own online home base
  • Rules change all the time (hello, Facebook!), but with your own site you remain fully in control.
  •  Build your email list
  • An email is 40x more valuable than a social media like. According to Firm Media, "email marketing has a conversion rate of 40x that of Facebook and Twitter."
  •  Make you money
  • This is where primary links for your music, merch, crowdfunding, and Patreon campaigns will have a permanent home.
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The Features
    Your website should be a focal point, where a new fan can find everything you’re doing in cyberspace. There will be a total of 7 features included on your webpage.

    1. Your Pitch
    Your pitch does not have to be lengthy to be effective; it just has to explain your sound in a few words or sentences and will be added to your homepage and bio.

    2. Artist Bio/Press Kit
    Your bio is very important. Make sure it is up to date, tells a story and is captivating. It is, after all, the foundation of your brand.

    You must have a press section/press kit on your site that displays photos, links, your bio and album art.

    We will embed your best videos, put up your best press quotes, link to an interview you did with a music blog. The more legit you look, the easier you make elements findable for writers and promoters.

    3. Buy Merch/Stream Music
    It is important to make sure people can find where to buy your music (iTunes, Amazon, etc.). People are so used to streaming nowadays, that if your homepage doesn’t have a readily available Soundcloud or Spotify link, they may lose interest. An embedded Bandcamp link is a good compromise for this (people can stream it, but there’s still an option to buy, or even better – pay what they want).

    And if you have Merch it will also be added!

    4. Shows/Tour

    We will be using a Bandsintown plug-in for this. This allows you to link your shows across different platforms. To have your fans alerted to your shows while they are in Spotify streaming your music, you need to use Songkick.

    5. Your Newsletter

    You need to direct people to sign up for your newsletter! This means you also need to send your newsletter at least one time a month with great attention to what actually goes in it. A ‘free download in exchange for email’ box is an easy way to build your list. We will use a Noisetrade or Mailchimp widget. Once you create an artist account, upload a track (or two, or ten), we can get an embed code for the button. This will give you a beautiful little button to put on your website.

    6. Contact Info

    We will design a contact page that includes an e-mail address or a contact form so people can contact you for online publicity, booking, or just to tell you they like your music.
    7. Active Socials

    You need to make it easy for people to find you on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or wherever else you want to be found.

    Remember, your social channels and narrative should also match the tone and style of your site! See how our client Laura did it blow- she GETS IT 🙂 See how it’s all red and blue and muted and wonderful?
    The Process
    Here's what to expect.

    •  We start with sending you an intake document to get you thinking about your style and objectives for your artist website
    •  Next is your kick-off call to get a feel for what your site’s specific needs are.
    •  We discuss not only aspects of the site that are important to you (homepage, about, store, etc.), but also how you’d like to brand yourself.
    •  We carefully choose colors that you love and will draw attention to your site, as well as an enticing homepage photo.
    Mark Braud
    Trumpeter and vocalist Mark Braud is the quintessence of the New Orleans spirit. His energetic interpretations of melody craft a freshly unpredictable spin on the tradition of jazz and the down-home, honest grooves of New Orleans. What makes Braud’s site unique is the specialty feature we included of his sheet music.
    Joél Hernandez is a gifted singer, songwriter and guitarist. The most important aspects of the site for Joél were the striking homepage picture and, of course, his music. The player makes it easy for website visitors to instantly understand that Joél is a musician, and puts his music in clear ear-and-eyesight.
    Ray LeVier
    Ray LeVier is a professional drummer who has a special talent for jazz. We chose to go with a black-based site for Ray instead of the more common white backgrounds. This look is very sleek and makes Ray’s site stand out. The different high quality header images on every page also add to the sophistication of his site.
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