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"Great Music is just the tip of the iceberg. Every music success story is built on a mountain of expertise that is hidden below the surface."
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Introducing Cyber PR LABS
Ariel Hyatt
Founder / Cyber PR Music
In the last 22 years of running my Music PR and Strategy firm, I have had the opportunity to work with many musicians just like you to take their careers to the next level. Many of them mistakenly believe that hiring a publicist or radio promoter is the next step after recording an EP or an album.
Ariel Hyatt

Ariel Hyatt - Founder of Cyber PR

For the last 22 years, I have run a Music PR and Strategy firm, and I have had the opportunity to work with musicians just like you to focus in on the areas that make the biggest impact to transform and grow their careers. Many mistakenly believe that hiring a publicist or radio promoter is the next step after recording an EP or an album.
When you're trying to build your career as a successful music artist, this is advice so many received...

And that advice is wrong.

I’ve seen this too many times, and that’s why I created Cyber PR LABS.

As I put the finishing touches on my 300th long term Marketing Plan for delivery I realized that there’s very specific knowledge and know-how most artists don’t have.

So I called my most trusted colleagues in the industry to ask them to help me put together a TARGETED and USEFUL curriculum.

Cyber PR LABS is a series of focused MasterClasses where you can learn from industry experts and booking agents to full time independent artists, proven marketing agency owners, self-made music entrepreneurs, and masterful strategists.

As an artist, YOU’RE the CEO of your own career, and it is vital to master many aspects of our business to monetize and succeed.

Cyber PR LABS is the ONLY course that laser focuses you by highlighting industry insiders to each cover what they are best at to transform your entire career.

Choose to take one LAB (course) to strengthen a weak area or grab a season pass to get them all.
Cyber PR Labs - Logo
  • Build Your Career Foundation: Avoid the mistakes 90% of artists make
  • One on One Coaching: Learn from our my hand-picked list of my favorite industry experts each with a different area of expertise who will make a lasting impact on your career in a short amount of time.
  • FREE Bonuses: Actionable eBooks, downloads, and swipe files, all for you to put into use TODAY.
I’ve noticed that too many courses and options available for artists today are long-term - 8, 10, 12 weeks or longer. I have run many courses like this over the years and I know that many busy artists are already overwhelmed and it’s just too much to take on an extra 12 WEEKS of work.

So, I have intentionally designed this course to NOT take up too much precious time, so that you don’t get into analysis paralysis and you DO GET INTO ACTION! And make a giant shift in your career.

What you're going to learn...
LAB 1 - Supercharge your PR
LAB 2 - The Artist's Selling System 
LAB 3 - Release Music With Ease
LAB 4 - Level Up Your Email Game
LAB 5 - Mobilize Your Fan ARMY
LAB 6 - Booking Successful Shows/Tours
LAB 7 - Musician Brand Mastery
LAB 8 - Getting Sponsored
LAB 10 - Making Money With Music
LAB 11 - Spotify Masterclass
What people are saying about Cyber PR LABS...
Cyber PR Labs - Testimonial
Cyber PR Labs - Testimonial
Cyber PR Labs - Testimonial
Every LAB is packed with 
INSIDE INFORMATION on the Music Industry
Ariel Hyatt
Michael Shoup
Michael Shoup
Suz Paulinski
Suz Paulinski
Cheryl B. Engelhardt
Cheryl Engelhardt
Eli Lev
Kyle Weber
Kyle Weber
Bobby Owsinski
Bobby Owsinski
Brady Sadler
Brady Sadler
Randy & Jason Feehan
Randy & Jason
Mike Warner and Andrea Young
Mike & Andrea
See What's in Each LAB...
Ariel Hyatt

LAB 1: Supercharge Your PR 

Supercharge Your PR with Ariel Hyatt!

Available for replay now

About Ariel Hyatt...

 Ariel has been a fierce entrepreneur for more than 20 years and runs Cyber PR, a dynamic social media & content strategy firm based in New York City. Her agency places clients on blogs & podcasts, establishes their brands, and advises on how to create online influence. She has spoken in 12 countries to over 100,000 creative entrepreneurs and is the author of four bestselling books on social media, marketing, and crowdfunding including Cyber PR for Musicians and Music Success in 9 Weeks. Her latest book Crowdstart: The Ultimate Guide to a Powerful and Profitable Crowdfunding Campaign went to #1 on Amazon on both the investing and entrepreneurship categories.
What You're Gonna Get...
Part 1 - Preparing for Publicity 
Part 2 - Your List & Getting PR Placements
Part 3 - Creating Your PR Timeline & Sharing Success
  • ​3 hours of video content
  • ​Share and customize a PR target list - based on Ariel's 22 years of PR contacts
  • ​Assistance in laying out the next few months
  • ​1 on 1 laser focused coaching 
Michael Shoup

LAB 2: The Artist's Selling System

Create REAL Fans and Generate Revenue with Michael Shoup!

Available for replay now
About Michael Shoup...

Michael's worked in or around the Music Industry for the last 15 years of his life. Along the way, he's also been paid to open for the Stone Temple Pilots, do digital work for acts like Kelly Clarkson & Lady Antebellum, design gravestones, scout talent for an indie label, and play music in people's living rooms from New York to Seattle.
Somewhere along the way he decided to help other people over the hurdles he encountered throughout his career, and thus was born 12South Music in 2012, Modern Intelligence in 2015, and the rebranded 12South Marketing in 2017.

Currently, Michael spends most of his time talking artists and business owners off a digital summit, and supporting the belief that the words "business plan" and "band" aren't contradictions.
What You're Gonna Get...

Part 1 - BUILD - Preparing Your Message
  • ​3+ hours of LIVE Mastermind Classes
  • Archived class recordings you can access forever
  • ​Ad and Funnel Templates you copy directly
  • ​ 1-on-1 Feedback on your Content and Ads
Suz Paulinski

LAB 3: Release Music With Ease

Gain Confidence & Clarity with Suz Paulinski!

Available for replay now
About Suz Paulinski...

Suz is a sass-mouthed, get-er-done, jeans-and-a-tee mindset coach for music professionals who are done spinning their wheels.

Every day Suz teaches musicians from all backgrounds, in all situations, how to slow the f*ck down and think more clearly about where they want to go and what they want from their music. 

Suz is your music career’s guiding light she will help you gain the confidence & clarity you need to create your own path to a sustainable career in the music industry. 

In Suz and Ariel's combined 37 years of working with artists, managers, labels, and music industry professionals, they have learned a lot and this course is designed to laser-focus you in just three short weeks.
What You're Gonna Get...

Part 1 - Setting Your Goals
Part 2 - Getting Your Marketing Narrative
Part 3 - Creating Your Marketing Success Timeline
  • ​Create your unique timeline using Suz’s brilliant book The Rockstar Life Planner, and Ariel's book Crowdstart - both books come with this course
  • There is a way to plan so you get goals achieved fast VS getting overwhelmed - did you know that?
  • ​Available for 1 on 1 Q&A
  • ​You walk away not only with your plan and a clear path to get it but also with a new network of supportive friends who will be there to support you!
Cheryl Engelhardt

LAB 4: Level Up Your Email Game

Email Marketing with Cheryl Engelhardt

Available for replay now
About Cheryl Engelhardt

Cheryl is a badass career coach and has spoken on and moderated panels on email marketing, branding, and communicating your goals at little conferences like SXSW, the ASCAP Expo, and CD Baby’s DIY Musician Conference, nbd.

I know this topic seems BORING and you “hate sending emails because you don’t want to bother people AND you HATE when other artists send them right? WRONG! Your email list is your TRUST FUND - Time to tap into it!

Cyber PR Labs is at it again! This time, to tackle EMAIL LISTS. Yes, that dreaded thing you know you need to have but hate having to work on. Boss lady singer-songwriter/composer Cheryl B. Engelhardt who is a self-proclaimed “email dork” and Ariel are joining forces to deliver you our next Cyber PR Lab called “Level Up Your Email Game”.
What You're Gonna Get...

Part 1 - You're Sitting On A Gold Mine! (What Your Email List Can Do For You
Part 2 - Email Content Creation
Part 3 - Platform Implementation and 1-On-1 Q&A Critique
  • ​ Don’t let the tech stop you- choose a platform to do this work that works for you
  • ​Putting the content into reality
  • ​Creating a short-term and long-term email plan
  • ​Q&A and email critiques in real time
Eli Lev

LAB 5: Mobilize Your Fan ARMY

Becoming a Full-Time Artist with Eli Lev

Available for replay now
About Eli Lev

Eli Lev is a rare breed of artist. Eli and Ariel have worked together since June of 2017 and immediately Ariel knew he was going to go very far. And he has. They have worked together to identify what is missing from all the musician training out there. Eli says: “What good is all the PR and hype around building your social media presence. 

The problem is if an artist doesn't have a clue what their message is or what they want to do with it all there will be a disconnect.” Eli worked hard to identify what his message is and align it with his growing fanbase. He will be teaching this class from an artists perspective which is always extremely valuable.
What You're Gonna Get...

Part 1 - How To Create Your Own Path And Follow Your Dreams
Part 2 - Defining Your Artist Message
Part 3 - Creating A Community
  • ​How to build a fan base through email marketing, social media, and crowdfunding platforms
  • ​How to maintain that fan base
  • ​How to motivate that fan base into action
  • ​1 on 1 Q&A with Eli
Kyle Weber

LAB 6: Booking Successful Shows/Tours

Indie On The Move With Kyle Weber

Available for replay now
About Kyle Weber

Kyle is committed to providing the best resources around for musicians/bands of all styles and accomplishments to get out there and play more shows. 

Whether we’re talking about attracting new fans, increasing music and merchandise sales, or even catching the eye of record labels, band managers, and other industry execs, the significance of live performance to a musician/band’s career can never be overstated.

It is THE tried and true method of sustenance and longevity, and the only definitive way to take your music, literally, “direct to fan”.
What You're Gonna Get...

Part 1 - How To Become Attractive To Promoters And Clubs
Part 2 - How To Book Yourself Effectively
Part 3 - How To Plan And Book A Tour
  •  How to send that pitch out to music venues in your target markets
  • ​How to speak so a booker will listen - what to say to get the gig
  • ​Handle the negotiations and confirmations with the talent buyers
Bobby Owsinski

LAB 7: Musician Brand Mastery

Discovering Your Personal Brand with Bobby Owsinski

Available for replay now
About Bobby Owsinski

Combining Bobby's music and recording experience along with an easy to understand writing style, Bobby has become one of the best selling authors in the music recording industry.

This three week course will lead you in establishing and better understanding your brand and it's meaning. You will be given actionable steps in establishing your brand that you can complete right now.

This course will also outline the photos and logos of branding and where to apply them. 
What You're Gonna Get...

Part 1 - What Is A Brand?
Part 2 - Lets Find Your Brand
Part 3 - Putting Your Brand To Use
  •  The symbols of a brand - photos and logos
  • ​The elements of a great brand photo and how to get them in your next one
  • ​Where to apply your branding
Brady Sadler

LAB 8: Getting Sponsored

Artists Guide to Brand Collaborations with Brady Sadler

Available for replay now
About Brady Sadler

Brady is a marketing exec and entrepreneur with a passion for developing creative partnerships and strategies that support business growth. He find nothing more satisfying than meeting inspired individuals who are 'in the arena' taking risks and passionately pursuing meaningful work. If that's you, let's jam. 

His insatiable appetite for all things music, fashion, pop culture and media led to co-founding 1BAND 1BRAND, a global community of creators who study the intersection of art and commerce and champion collaboration between artists and brands. He aims to inspire mutually beneficial partnerships and shine a spotlight on the innovators who are making them happen. He is proud to have played a role in producing over 100 collaborations.

All participants also receive a complimentary download of Brady's book, an Amazon #1 new release in 2018, Collaboration is King: How Game-Changers Create Marketing Partnerships that Build Brands and Grow Businesses.
What You're Gonna Get...

Part 1 - Why Collaboration Is King
Part 2 - Building Your Target Partner List
Part 3 - Creating Partnerships
  •  How to position the value that you can bring
  • ​Finding unique ins + angles
  • ​The Collaboration Playbook for Artists & your step-by-step guide to creative partnership development
  • ​Formalizing a partnership
Ariel Hyatt

LAB 9: Crowdstart

Crowdfunding Campaigns with Ariel Hyatt

Available for replay now
About Ariel Hyatt

Ariel has been a fierce entrepreneur for more than 20 years and runs Cyber PR, a dynamic social media & content strategy firm based in New York City. Her agency places clients on blogs & podcasts, establishes their brands, and advises on how to create online influence. She has spoken in 12 countries to over 100,000 creative entrepreneurs and is the author of four bestselling books on social media, marketing, and crowdfunding including Cyber PR for Musicians and Music Success in 9 Weeks. Her latest book Crowdstart: The Ultimate Guide to a Powerful and Profitable Crowdfunding Campaign went to #1 on Amazon on both the investing and entrepreneurship categories.
What You're Gonna Get...

Part 1 - No Crowd, No Funding
Part 2 - Setting Up Your Ideal Crowdfunding Campaign
Part 3 - Your Complete Crowdstart Roadmap - What To Do Every Single Day Of Your Campaign
  •  All the assets you will need for your campaign
  • ​The entire timeline for your campaign
  • ​Your step-by-step roadmap with all emails created for you in Action Sheets
  • ​Your one-to-two-hours-per-day cheat sheet - what to do everyday to keep the momentum going
  • ​Addressing fear and doubt - AKA how to get your worst enemy to shut up
Randy Chertkow & Jason Feehan

LAB 10: Making Money With Music

with Randy Chertkow & Jason Feehan

Available on 5/6/19
About Randy & Jason

Randy Chertkow and Jason Feehan are musicians, authors, journalists, public speakers, instructors, and consultants. Their recently released book, ​Making Money With Music ​(St. Martin's Press, Macmillan), show musicians how to tap over 100+ revenue streams, grow their fan base, and thrive in today's music environment.

Previous to that, they wrote the critically-acclaimed ​The Indie Band Survival Guide​ (1st & 2nd Editions, Macmillan), The DIY Musician (Random House), and are feature writers and columnists at Electronic Musician Magazine. 

They professionally speak and consult on music business and musician revenue development at conventions, music organizations (The Recording Academy --, businesses (Guitar Center), cities (New York City, Austin, Chicago), and schools (SAE, Music Industry Workshop, Columbia College). This includes speaking at venues such as Carnegie Hall.

Their band, Beatnik Turtle, released over 500 songs spanning 20 albums, licensed music to Disney and Viacom, and wrote music for TV, films, and theater including Chicago's Second City. In 2007, they released a song every single day of the year from their website
What You're Gonna Get...

Part 1 - 45 Music Revenue Streams In 45 Minutes
Part 2 - Boost Your Income and Cut Your Expenses With $0 Strategies/Techniques
Part 3 - Advanced Income Techniques
  • Implement advanced income techniques once your business engine is running
  • ​Capitalize on your income, fanbase, fame, and name
  • ​License your intellectual property, brand, and imagery to have them make money for you
Mike Warner
LAB 11: Spotify Masterclass

with Mike Warner & Andrea Young

available TBA
Andrea Young
About Mike Warner & Andrea Young

Mike Warner is an independent artist, curator and the go-to person when it comes to playlist strategies on music streaming services. This book teaches artists at any level how to grow their audience on streaming services through profile enhancement, data analysis, automation and creating value as a curator. In his book, Work Hard Playlist Hard (which comes with this LAB) Mike sets the record straight what playlists really can do for artists' careers. You will learn how to customize your artist profiles on popular streaming services; build a playlist and grow it's following; pitch to independent curators; grow your network; release music catered to playlists. Mike also has numerous helpful tips and tricks to show you along the way.

Andrea is an entrepreneur with extensive experience and expertise running projects and companies from startups to established brands. As a management executive she has worked for a major label and distribution company on campaigns for Tom Petty, Spyro Gyra, Chaka Khan, Elvis Costello and hundreds of lesser known artists; co-owned a music retail chain of 15 stores; co-founded the company that computerized over 2000 retail and wholesale music industry stores and warehouses; was part of the group that created SoundScan; ran and chaired Aspen Colorado’s public radio station (APR), and continues to produce and host weekly radio news and music shows on APR. Recently she has focused her energies on music curation services, playlists, and working with emerging and established artists through label services offered at DPG Worldwide.
What You're Gonna Get...

Part 1 - Spotify Foundations - how to set up the most effective Spotify profile possible and some crucial things to understand about how the platform works
Part 2 - Everything you need to know about Playlisting with Work Hard Playlist Hard Author Mike Warner
Part 3 - How to organically build on Spotify utilizing playlisting with Andrea Young, Partner DPG, Digital Promotions Group  
  • ​40,000 tracks go up every week on Spotify this course will teach you how to get an edge as an indie artist
  • ​LAB 11 features two special guests who are both experts in the world of Spotify promotion
  • ​Learn the different types of playlists (there are 4 distinct types) and understand what is needed to get on each
  • ​Master the "fan journey" that starts on Spotify so you can effectively relate to any fan who finds you in a playlist

    LAB 12: Coming Soon!

    Available on 7/1/19
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